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Huntsville is ASmartPlace to work because of the great jobs and employers in The Rocket City. The Chamber helps to attract, develop, support, and retain the best talent in the country. Here you will find valuable ways to reach prospective employees, such as becoming a Featured Employer on our Careers page or networking at an upcoming Chamber event. We also have resources for maintaining current talent like our annual Wage & Benefit Survey and advanced job readiness training opportunities. 


April Rivera

Mechanical Design Engineer, Marshall Space Flight Center

“This is the hub of the aerospace industry. I drove 22 hours to get out here, and I never looked back.”

Erin Pierson

Propulsion Engineer, The Boeing Company

“It’s just a great place for anyone wanting to continue learning and continue growing throughout their career. And their life really.”

Kim Lewis

Chief Executive Officer, PROJECTXYZ

“[Huntsville] is a place that’s going to continue to grow, and I think the people who are attracted here are the ones who want to see the city grow, and actually grow with it, too.”