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Huntsville is ASmartPlace. Known as The Rocket City for our role in putting man on the moon, we have carried forward a legacy of innovation. While our metro consists of Madison and Limestone counties, our economic impact and workforce extend across 16 counties in North Alabama and Tennessee. We are recognized in national and international media for our strong economy and job growth, our quality of life, and the accomplishments of the companies that call Huntsville home. Our ecosystem supports our primary industries of aerospace, defense, information technology, bioscience, and advanced manufacturing, and our education and training systems ensure that we have the talent to keep growing. See for yourself why we are ASmartPlace!

Chance Hill

Moved from Colorado

“I recently moved here from Colorado Springs, and I am already loving Huntsville! The affordable cost of living, the friendly culture, and the tremendous business opportunities make Huntsville a very attractive place to be.”

Hunter French

from Alabama

“I am from Huntsville and completed my undergraduate studies and residency training here. The most attractive thing about staying in Huntsville was keeping my family close, the city’s rapid rate of growth, and knowing other practitioners in the area.”

Margetta Thomas

from Alabama

“Huntsville is definitely an affordable place to live. I live in a place where I am 7 minutes away from work and really close to entertainment, restaurants, and shopping. If you are thinking about moving here, you should! We’d be happy to have you.”

Gilbert Rincon

Moved from California

“My family and I love Alabama. It is very refreshing to be surrounded by genuinely friendly people who encompass such a strong community. I also enjoy the many opportunities for my kids (sports, entertainment, school, i.e.) and the beautiful scenery.”

Kaitlyn Schisler

Moved from Canada

“Everyone here has been incredibly welcoming, which is such a relief after moving so far away from home! I already feel as though I have a second family here. On top of that, the scenery is absolutely beautiful! Huntsville really is the best of both worlds; the perfect mix of city and nature.”

Tom Stanton

Moved from Minnesota

“Huntsville is a great place. It is a diverse community with a lot of different interests. No matter what you are looking for you are probably going to find it here.”

Scott Stein

Moved from Missouri

“Our family has been amazed by Huntsville’s sense of community since we moved here four years ago. There are so many activities for everyone, we are always on the go. We love you, Huntsville!”

Lisa Wade

Moved from California

“Huntsville is an incredible community. Traffic isn’t even comparable to large cities – you can get everywhere you need to be in about 15 minutes! I have lived in several cities along the west coast, but have never lived in a community as welcoming as Huntsville. Huntsville quickly became home for me and my family.”

Erin Moore

Moved from Georgia

“I moved to Huntsville in August 2019 from Georgia. I really enjoy my new city. I have found so many different ways to plug in. It’s so awesome because so many other people have moved here and are transplants just like me, and it is easy to make friends.”

Alex Cate

Moved from Tennessee

“I just moved from Nashville about a year and a half ago, and I have loved Huntsville ever since I got here. It still has some of the big city feelings, but at the same time it’s a smaller area where it’s easy to connect with people.”

Gerrit Burke

Moved from Texas

“When I was in Houston, TX looking to move back to Huntsville in 2011, it was through ASmartPlace that I got my shot. I’ve been back for just over ten years now and could not be happier!”

Natalie Lapacek-Trout

Moved from Arizona

“My family and I moved to the Huntsville area a year ago, and we love it here. My sons are thriving in their schools, and we’ve found neighbors and friends who have helped us feel right at home. The sense of community, along with all the perks and convenience of a city, make Huntsville a wonderful place to live and grow.”

Shaista Qureshi

Moved from Georgia

“We love the diversity in this community and the people, food, and schools are amazing. I have been in the United States for almost 30 years and this is the first place where people have actually approached me and sincerely welcomed me to the community. I plan to retire here.”

Bonita Guyer

Moved from Arizona

“My husband and I recently moved to Huntsville from Tucson, and I’m so glad we did. I really like the strong sense of community, friendly and welcoming people, the beautiful countryside, and close access to so many resources and opportunities.”

Peggy Sammon

Moved from Canada (also lived in Australia)

“Our ability to assemble an excellent team at HudsonAlpha has been enabled by the engineering businesses in Huntsville. Huntsville’s collaborate environment for start ups and entrepreneurial support have been very meaningful to us. We are lucky to be here!”

Kim Lewis

from Alabama

“It is a place that is going to continue to grow. I think that the people who are attracted here are the ones that want to see the city grow, and they want to continue to grow with it too. Huntsville is ASmartPlace to live, work and play.”


The Huntsville Metro lies in the heart of North Alabama, between the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and the banks of the Tennessee River. The Huntsville area is also well positioned for industrial transportation by road, rail and air and is less than three hours by car to Atlanta, Nashville, Memphis, Chattanooga and Birmingham.