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Huntsville is ASmartPlace for new and expanding businesses, especially in our primary sectors of aerospace, defense, information technology, bioscience, and advanced manufacturing. We have a history of rising to the challenge. Learn how your business can thrive here.

New Jobs Since 2010
Billion Investment Since 2010
People Per Day
Moved to the Region in 2022

Economic Data

From our latest list of top employers to demographic profiles of our workforce, we are your clearinghouse for economic research.

Infrastructure and Utilities

Huntsville’s regional infrastructure consists of multiple main highways, an international airport, and a railway, all ready to support the rapidly growing economy across North Alabama. 

Sites and Buildings

Huntsville has a business-friendly environment with existing buildings, greenfield sites, and industrial parks ready for immediate development.

Licensing and Permitting

The Chamber is committed to assisting your company and industry by providing all the licensing and permitting information you need to grow your business.

Abatements and Incentives

Qualifying companies may apply for the abatement of certain sales and property taxes as well as other discretionary assistance based on the overall impact of the project.

Targeted Industries

The Huntsville community continues to build on the strength of our existing industries as well as grow new sectors which complement the technology workforce present in the region.

Dalton Hicks

Test Facilities Engineering Intern at Blue Origin

“Blue Origin is moving here because the workforce here is very engaged and will get anything done that’s asked of them. “

Jay Skylus

CEO, Aevum, INC

“Huntsville is a tech city. The people in Huntsville are really connected to the rest of the world because of the type of work that we do here.”

Kim Lewis

2019 Vice Chair, Economic Development & Industry at Cummings Research Park

“[Cummings] Research Park is changing. It’s developing into a park that is more conducive to the type of employers you’re trying to attract right now. You have telecommuters and a new type of workforce. People can collaborate better.“

Tom Stanton

Chief Executive Officer, ADTRAN

“Huntsville is a great place. It is a diverse community with a lot of different interests. No matter what you’re looking for you’re probably going to find it here.”

Joel Williams

Materials Engineer, Marshall Space Flight Center

“Huntsville has the infrastructure for business growth. You have engineers, you have scientists, you have a community of people who are interested, willing, and capable.”
High school through PhD Students