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Targeted Industries

Huntsville/Madison County is home to a diverse economy with several key industry sectors. The area’s strengths include technology development, integration and value-added manufacturing. Primary industry sectors are: aerospace/defense, information technology, advanced manufacturing and bioscience. Building on the success of these primary industry sectors, there are a number of emerging technology areas: electronic communications, modeling & simulation, geospatial, energy, cyber security, robotics and small satellites.

Aerospace & Defense

Huntsville/Madison County is home to the U.S. Army Redstone Arsenal and NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center which combine to drive a thriving aerospace and defense technology industry – managing some of the country’s most important and sophisticated technology programs.


The Huntsville area manufacturing industry is comprised of a mix of aerospace, defense, automotive, electronics and other advanced technology production companies. With nearly 100,000 manufacturing workers in the region, the sector makes up 12 percent of the local employment base.

Information Technology

Huntsville’s IT industry is comprised of a combination of software development and application as well as cyber-solutions, modeling and electronic components design. More than 100 companies employ 16,000 workers in the local IT industry.

Life Sciences

Huntsville’s growing life sciences industry is primarily focused on genomics and genetics research and applications with more than 50 life science companies employing over 1,000 workers.