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Veteran Resources

Huntsville is ASmartPlace for veterans and transitioning military with a long history of supporting and integrating all branches of service and spouses into our community and workforce. With the resources on Redstone Arsenal and the high concentration of former military in our community, service men and women love to call Huntsville home. 

Veterans in Madison County’s population
Top US Defense Contractors
Federal Agencies at Redstone Arsenal

Tuition Waiver for Purple Heart Medal Recipients

Purple Heart recipients may be eligible for free education at Alabama public institutions of higher learning including two-year and four-year technical colleges, community colleges, and junior colleges.

State Employment

All honorably discharged veterans can have 5 points added to any state employment examination scores. Those with a VA service-connected disability will get 10 points added to their score. Spouses and surviving spouses of certain disabled or deceased veterans can have the 10-point preference extended to them and added to any test scores.

Veterans also get preference over non-veterans with the same ratings on the classified service employment registers.

Income Tax

All military retirement pay and Survivor Benefit Program payments are exempt from any Alabama state, county, or municipal income tax.

Property Tax for VA Specially Adapted Houses

Any veteran who has a home that was acquired under the VA’s specially adapted housing grant is tax exempt as long as it is owned and occupied by the veteran or their surviving spouse.

Veteran Population

Veterans make up 11.8 percent of Madison County’s total population.

Veteran-focused Resources & Events

  • Huntsville VA Clinic as of 2017
  • VA Hospital short drive to Birmingham
  • Army & Air Force Exchange Service on RSA
  • Still Serving Veterans
  • Huntsville Madison Co. Veterans Memorial
  • Annual Armed Forces Celebration: multiple military community events honoring our veterans.
  • Veterans Day Parade: one of the largest in the country 

Mark Teresin


“We find there’s a lot of job opportunities for just about all kinds of employment. Schools and education were really critical to us.”

David Estacio


“Huntsville has a really long history with integrating veterans and having veterans in the community. With Redstone Arsenal being such an integral part of the community, it was a natural fit.”

Johnathon Williams


“It’s a diverse community of people with different experiences and jobs. The technology fields here were helpful for us making the decision to stay because I was looking to get out of the military in two years and wanted to make sure I could transition well… we’ve found many opportunities here.”