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Over 90% of students attend public schools.

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In Huntsville/Madison County, most students attend a public school in one of our three school systems which serve over 65,000 students and maintain a 91% graduation rate. Our schools are equipped with state of the art STEM labs, skill trade and career tech centers, and digital learning capabilities.

Our local school districts

Huntsville City

Innovation is an integral attribute of the mission and mechanics of Huntsville City Schools. Through deploying alternative courses and curriculum, developing and promoting collaborative corporate partnerships, and exposing students to practical application in highly technical and/or virtual laboratories, Huntsville City Schools enables academic exploration for all of its students – regardless of learning style, preference, or proficiency.

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Madison City

The City of Madison Board of Education, with effective leadership and community cooperation, will provide all students a nurturing, safe and effective learning environment, an uncompromising excellence in instruction, a relevant and rigorous curriculum and state-of-the-art facilities so they can achieve their fullest potential, strive toward global learning, compete globally in the work force and contribute positively to society.

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Madison County

Madison County Schools have established our Four Pillars of Effective Education that they follow everyday: Transparency with our operations, Equity within our school system, Readiness to ensure our educators are always equipping students with skills and experiences necessary to create college and/or career ready graduates; and Advocacy for our students and promotion of student advocacy for their own education.

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