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ASmartPlace is focused on developing our future workforce. Today’s students are the most tech-savvy generation of students, and we need to prepare them for future careers. Our ASmartPlace team works with schools, teachers, and students on career preparedness.

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Career Prep Curriculum

The ASmartPlace Career Prep Curriculum is a FREE resource developed to be used by Career Prep Teachers or across the curriculum. The curriculum was created with the 23 Alabama State Standards in mind and can easily fit into a semester long course.

The video below briefly explains the numerous benefits within the curriculum and the links provide an overview of each unit. In order to access the full curriculum, you will need to create an account.

Check out our Career Prep Journey Infographic. This course will encourage students to identify their career path according to their personality and preferences. By the end of this course, students should be able to make informed decisions about their academic and occupational future.

Smart Careers

A Smart Career is one that has projected job growth and new openings in the coming years. It also pays a living wage. Our list of Smart Careers is filtered from all occupations across North Alabama and includes the type of experience or education you need to pursue them. Find your Smart Career today!

Smart Careers

Senior Sprint

This career fair will connect students with employers who are ready to hire and colleges that can help them set a successful career path.

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Industry Insights

This event is offered for teachers and educators to visit different industries in our area and gain a better understanding of careers in demand.

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State Of The Schools

This event is held every February and brings in all three school systems’ superintendents to provide updates about the schools.

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